Birthday Toasting and Quarter-Life Crisis

My birthday was this week. As I embark on my quarter-life crisis, I realize again that I am profoundly blessed with amazing friends. I also realize that I do not express my esteem, love or respect to my friends as I should. So, I’m eating dinner this week with some of my closest friends and, as expected, Phil stands to initiation the awkward toasting (where friends voluntarily express why one is great or has impacted their lives). But, although it is always tough for me to receive compliments or have others say that some of the things I have done are great, I was very encouraged that my lifestyle has been (to some degree) what I have desired – to be one of Integrity, Intention, and Impact.

So, with these encouragements and a renewed energy and passion for life, I am excited to take the quarter-life crisis head-on. I will be traveling to Ethiopia to diagnose and treat as many people as I can (for free) (I also get to learn and practice basic nursing techniques). I will then head over to Thailand for a couple weeks with a friend to experience part of the continent that I’ve tried to get to for 5 years. I may have an opportunity to work in Korea (long-shot) for 6-12 months as well. I have starting taking public transportation so that I can reduce daily stress, but also focus myself on bigger, more fun, dangerous, and noble things. I realize that the constant daily activity is keeping me from writing a thrilling story with my life.

With that, I conclude with something like the roasting that was given to me by a great friend on my birthday.

Why Jason Lund is Astonishing

Historical Accounts: Chosen

Born on June 3, 1982 to Dick and Mary Lund, God chose Jason to be born into a family with loving, fun, problem solving parents.

Jason was also chosen to have amazing problem solving skills he uses to repair cars, build pig roasters, fix beds, construct computers and help friends deal with trauma.

Jason was chosen to be BFSS (Big, Fast, Sexy, Strong). Big enough to ride a motorcycle, fast enough to be a state track champion, sexy enough for a girl to put a garter belt around his thigh and strong enough to survive a cinder block assault.

Jason was chosen not to sit still. He is always active, always helping, always improving, always giving joy, always on consulting.

Historical Accounts: Fearless

Jason is not afraid to inspire his parents to love Jesus more.

Jason is not afraid to love.

Jason is not afraid of committing to a 30 year mortgage.

Jason is not afraid of hazing.

Jason is not afraid of being pushed in the fire by Jim.

Jason is not afraid to challenge people.

Jason is not afraid to give a girl her own cookies back as a Christmas gift.

Jason is not afraid to tell girls he doesn’t like them, won’t sleep with them.

Jason is not afraid to go on 3 dates in 1 night.

Jason is not afraid to meet a ton of new people.

Jason is not afraid of the unknown future.

Jason is not afraid of Africa.

Jason is not afraid to lead a small group on dating though he had never been in a Christian relationship.

Historical Examples: Strong Friend

Jason bought and maintained a house to create a place for real men to experience real discipleship.

Jason mentored college students from American University and inspired Chi Alpha at UVA on his return speaking tour.

Jason refuses to speak poorly of Kristi Lauren, Catherine, Jennifer or Janna (ex-girls).

Jason forgave Phil, when Phil offered to set up Jason with Christine and then changed his mind and dated Christine.

Jason actually maintains platonic friendships with girls after they have the “we’re just friends conversation.”

Jason continues to seek out the opportunity to spend time with old friends who live far away by dedicating vacation time.

Jason will hunt down anything for any friend from anywhere on Craigslist.

Jason lends his skills, possessions and time to all his friends.

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