Thinking and praying bigger – do I dare?

What if our death and subsequent resurrection in our new bodies is actually the reuniting (the marriage) of Christ with His bride (us). Right now, we are indwelt with the Holy Spirit. So, What if it’s even bigger!? What if it is this amazing reunion of God with Himself – Jesus with the Holy Spirit? Is this why the earth groans for the Lord’s return? Is this the Holy Spirit’s heart aches resonating through us?

How often do I (we) pray, “God strip me of everything that keeps me from you?” What if that means he will put you into financial ruin? What if that means he will take away your job/intellect/school? What if that means he will leave you physically disfigured? What if that means you would lose your family/friends? What if that was (whatever else you think you can’t live without or have change in your life)? Would you still pray?

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3 thoughts on “Thinking and praying bigger – do I dare?”

  1. I can’t shake the fear that God is waiting to pull the carpet out from under me. At one point in my life my sanity was stripped from me, and it left me wary of what God would allow me to go through. I did however have a handful of experiences during that dark time that reassured me of His divine presence. God seems tyrannical when I think of the torture he would allow you to endure just to be close to him. So no, I guess when you put it like that I wouldn’t offer up everything just to be close to him, but I guess I don’t know him that well then. I would like to have that kind of trust and love for him though.

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