Further Detail on Ethiopia 08

So, I wanted to give a little bit more information about what will be happening when in Ethiopia this summer. One of my team members provided this wealth of wonderful information and I just want to pass best writing paper it on to those who may be interested.

  • The estimated number of people to be served: > 1000
  • We will visit clinics in different villages; However, these ‘clinics’ are very, um, ‘rustic’ and primitive.
  • The mission of this year’s trip to Ethiopia is a continuation of last year’s efforts to bring both basic medical care and supplies to many under-served areas of Ethiopia where medical care is not readily available or affordable.
    • Through our efforts we hope to offer the Ethiopian community not only medical treatment but also education on basic health practices that may help improve their health in our absence.
  • The trip will be comprised of 3 to 4 full days of operating the medical clinic
  • Some of the major health problems of the community: malnutrition, infectious/parasitic diseases (malaria, HIV/AIDS, worms), respiratory infections, perinatal conditions,
  • Some of the major barriers to health care: isolation (> 85% of the population is rural and < 50% of the rural population have access to health care), illiteracy, shortage of trained personnel and funds (~3 physicians for every 100,000 people), skepticism
  • The local government and a local well-known church were consulted in the development of this project
  • Unused medications and supplies will be donated to the Ethiopian government

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