“Wicking” undies

So, after the realization yesterday that washing socks makes them smell much less and feel great, I wanted to share another recent clothing revelation.

“Wicking” undies.

That’s right, forget those cotton things you guys wear around. These synthetic briefs, boxer-briefs, and boxers are the way to go. No longer do my man-parts swim in sweat throughout the day. Also, that horrible smell that comes with sweaty man-parts is gone. I no longer am plagued with man-parts sticking to most anything it can attach to. As an added bonus, for those of you with jock-itch, the wonderful dry-nature should reduce or eliminate this problem. And maybe, guys will soon to be seen as a species of sophistication – there may be much less of a need to scratch/adjust man-parts.

Finally, without sweating, there’s no need to wash or change undies. Ultimately it’s like being naked, but wearing clothes. As I continue to test out the undies, I’ll know more. So we’ll see how long I can wear these without showering or changing while maintaining a respectable amount dignity – going on 36 hours (1.5 days).

UPDATE: Some of you may think this is gross, but I assure you – it’s not. That’s the reason for the test. So, four (4) days of wearing the same synthetic undies have left me smelling decent and feeling incredibly comfortable and dry. After four days, there was some smell begining to stick, but nothing more than you get out of your regular cotton undies after a few hours.

I purchased mine from REI – check out their Boxers and Briefs.

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  1. The actual undies I purchased are REI Midweight MTS Briefs (http://www.rei.com/product/722397). I purchased these after reading the reviews on the other boxers/briefs. Apparently some of the other styles didn’t provide appropriate support or had too much material and didn’t fit well. I highly recommend reading the reviews to get an idea of if the product will work well for you.

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