I trust you (audioblog)

Control – why do I want to be in control? It makes no sense really, because there is nothing in which I have control except for my own actions in and reactions to the situations of life.

What does it look like to let go of the stresses of my life? For me, I am left to wonder about life when circumstances, pain, and uncertainty hit close to home. When this happens, how do I react? First, I am frustrated at first that things are out of my control. I then question God about what is going on – I want to understand; I want to feel like life (a.k.a. God) is fair. Finally, my God reminds me who He is, His nature, and where I need to be. It’s then up to me to make the decision as to how I will react.

This is my second audio-blog which was recorded on my drive home from the hospital after my mom’s surgery. Enjoy the background music and the noise of the car ride for the 9:32 of this audio-blog.

Audio-blog: I trust you

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  1. Wow! Amazing audio-blog! Thanks for sharing! My Mom has been battling cancer for over 9 years. She was first diagnosed right after my Dad died. I was 25 at the time. I actually was searching for “Why do I want to control things?” on yahoo and it pulled up this blog. Right now I’m dealing with control issues with other situations to. Inwardly wanting to control what others do and don’t do. Anyways..thanks for posting this. God Bless and I’ll pray for your Mom!


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